Farm Shoppe

Thinking about a drive through the countryside? Why not come and visit us at our farm shoppe located on 668 County Road 4 in Loyalist Township. We are close to Kingston, Napanee and Bath. If you have never been to our farm, call ahead and we can book a short introductory farm tour as well. We love to have visitors and the chance to make new friends.

Farm Market

In 2020 we started offering apples and cider from the farm. In 2021 we plan to continue doing this. During the winter we have a small indoor store and during the summer we have a roadside stand.

Our orchard is still young so we do not produce many apples yet. Until they do, we are proud to offer 14 different varieties of apples from Deleeuw Orchards in Colborne and Waite Orchard in Brighton. We chose these 2 orchards because of the varieties they offer and their attention to quality. The season starts in August and we sell fresh apples past Christmas. Our years of experience in the apple industry allow us to provide the right apple variety to meet your needs and tastes.

One thing we are building is a reputation for is our tasty cider. Every summer and fall we make batches of cider. We take the time to carefully select what varieties we add to our cider blends so you get a high quality, tasty, sweet cider. We only use tree ripened fruit for our blends. Our sweet cider is the official term for non-alcohol cider and is 100% juice pressed from the apples with no added sugar. We take the apples to Geissberger Farmhouse Cider in Courtice, Ontario, and assist with the pressing operation. They have as much experience in cider pressing as we have in growing apples. They are a government inspected facility to ensure safety guidelines are met.

The cider is pasteurized and packaged using bag-in-box technology. This allows us to package without using preservatives. It has a shelf life of one year from the time it is pressed. This award winning packaging gives you fresh cider for 3 months once it is opened, without refrigeration! We chose this method because it increases the time you have to enjoy your cider and allows our customers to be able to use the cider in recipes without concentrating the preservatives even more.

We are more than just apples! In addition, we do produce other things on the farm to meet varied tastes and enhance your gardening hobby. Visiting our store or browsing in our online shoppe will give you the opportunity to find items as they become available throughout the season. Watch for new product announcements on our Facebook page!


Farm Shoppe Hours

Monday Closed - Open by Appointment Only

Tuesday Closed - Open by Appointment Only.

Wednesday 11am - 6pm

Thursday 11am - 6pm

Friday 11am - 6pm

Saturday 11am - 6pm

Sunday 11am – 6pm


In the winter our store is not open. We can take phone orders and you can always shop online at any time.

Not close to the farm? Maybe you are close enough to visit us at the Napanee Hometown Market on Saturdays and the Bath Sunday Market when they open in the spring.