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Janssens Orchards is owned and operated by Mike and Marion Janssens. We currently have 34 acres located near the historic village of Bath, Ontario.

A Message From Mike Janssens

I started my journey in the apple industry when my father decided that at 11 years of age I was ready to start helping out around the orchard. As I continued to help around the farm my father, Fred Janssens, taught me many things about growing high quality, great tasting apples. We were able to operate that Tyrone, Ontario farm until his passing in 2007.

As a young man, I became more interested in the organic growing movement, permaculture and more recently restoration agriculture principles. As my curiosity became more intense in the 90s, Marion and I purchased the land near Bath, Ontario. Due to other career pursuits and continuing to help my father, we were only ale to observe the natural interactions on this land. We were able to apply that knowledge to growing my own vegetables. I took a break for a few years after my fathers death, but the pull to return to farming was in my blood. In 2013, we began restoring the Tyrone apple trees but that property has since been sold.

We have decided to continue farming and develop our land using restoration agriculture principles. Moving forward we are now ready to supply plants for your garden and to grow our amazing produce. We are continuing my father’s belief in giving our customers a product that is of very high quality. At the same time, we are introducing production methods that are in keeping with our environmental beliefs. Our farm uses current and historical farming methods but also utilise methods that display what the farm and our communities can look like in the future. Drawing from over 30 years of gardening and farming experience we are showing how smaller acreage farms can be environmentally responsible and while providing a living income to our family.